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10 photos of our work in action

Working in more than 100 countries worldwide means that our approach to fighting corruption takes on many forms.

From an anti-corruption march along dusty tracks in deep rural Brazil, to engaging police on the streets of Yemen, to staging a drama about fundraising abuse in Nepal, we are continually finding creative and innovative ways to get our message across and empower citizens.

Here are 10 photos showing how we tackle corruption around the world:

  • During a campaign to raise public awareness about our anti-corruption legal advice centre in Cambodia, a female fruit-seller at a local market pays attention to our poster. Responsible for managing their family’s finances, women in Cambodia face corruption on a daily basis.

    Image: Transparency International Cambodia
  • Children take on the fight for integrity in Senegal.

    Image: Forum Civil / Transparency International Senegal
  • A Yemeni police officer helps one of our volunteers put up a poster on the wall of a police station during a campaign about the risks of bribery among law-enforcement agencies.

    Image: Yemeni Team for Transparency and Integrity / Transparency International Yemen
  • Members of our youth network in Bangladesh help patients at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital during an access to information initiative. During the year-long programme, more than 10,000 patients benefited. Half of them were women.

    Image: Transparency International Bangladesh
  • Piauí is one of the poorest, driest states in Brazil, where livelihoods are threatened by a lack of water. This march against corruption helped show how federal funds, which were supposed to help bring water to the people, have been abused.

    Image: Amarribo Brazil / Transparency International Brazil
  • A group of young volunteers helped to teach and mobilise youth against corruption in Hungary. Here one participant, equipped with a bubble-blower and her t-shirt advertising our anti-corruption legal advice services, makes her stand against corruption.

    Image: Transparency International Hungary
  • Last year we got together with 120 young people from different countries at our integrity school in Lithuania. Here students, young professionals and anti-corruption experts gathered in one place to find ways of achieving greater transparency in their respective countries.

    Image: Transparency International Lithuania
  • In a Moroccan arts project, young participants used Taekwondo to send out a message about fighting corruption. The arts caravan travelled across five local towns.

    Image: Transparency Maroc / Transparency International Morocco
  • In Nepal, we reached out to concerned citizens by staging a drama exposing the hidden agenda of “donation theory”, whereby poor Nepalese people are used in fundraising just to secure donations. In reality, nothing is actually done to improve their situation.

    Image: Transparency International Nepal
  • Our 2013 Anti-Corruption Day event in Trinidad and Tobago included performances of a play about a young civil servant who spoke out about wrongdoing in her government. She was vilified and victimised by the administration and died on 9 December 1972 at the age of 42.

    Image: Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute / Transparency International Trinidad and Tobago

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