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Code of Ethical Advocacy

In order to achieve our vision of a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption, Transparency International (TI) is actively advocating and routinely engaging with a wide range of individuals as well as public and private institutions globally. TI is a non-profit organisation, committed to the fight against corruption and to being transparent about our advocacy activities, as well as our policies, expenditure and the names of the individuals working for us.

TI is committed to ethical behaviour in all aspects of our work and this is reflected in our comprehensive governance and ethics framework. TI has a number of specific policies which aim to ensure that we adhere to the highest ethical standards in our work. Among these is our public disclosure policy, which outlines our commitment to proactively disclose information about the organisation and our activities, and our access to information policy more broadly, and our conflict of interest policy. These policies are all rooted in our Vision, Values and Guiding Principles and based on our Code of Conduct. TI is also a founding member and co-author of the INGO Accountability Charter, which contains important commitments regarding responsible advocacy, including having explicit ethical policies to guide our choices of advocacy; a clear and published process for adopting public policy positions, as well as ensuring an evidence-based and responsible approach to public criticism.

This code of ethical advocacy aims to complement our existing ethics architecture by spelling out clearly the minimum standards we expect of our organisation in our commitment to being open and ethical in our advocacy activities.