Corruption Perceptions Index 2018


3 / 180

A country's rank indicates its position relative to the other countries in the index. Learn more.


85 / 100

A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). Learn more.

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Whistleblowing in Europe: Legal protections for whistleblowers in the EU

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Ineligibilities for elected office arising from criminal law decisions

Promoting corporate transparency in the Baltic Sea Region

On 14 February, watch a live stream of a business integrity conference from Riga, Latvia. Topics under discussion include the importance of corporate reporting and disclosure, as well as updates on corporate transparency from Latvia, Norway and Sweden.

Accountable campaign finance: who’s buying votes?

Spending on elections is reaching record levels in countries around the world. What can be done to prevent campaign contributions from buying policy?

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Anti-corruption compliance mechanisms for State Owned Enterprises

Fighting foreign bribery: prosecutions making it harder for companies

Our report, “Exporting Corruption?", tracks countries’ efforts to investigate and punish corrupt companies that use foreign bribes to get ahead.

Exporting Corruption? Country enforcement of the OECD anti-bribery convention, progress report 2012

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Review of donor disclosure policies of corruption cases

Close links between business and government pose risks in Europe

Money, Politics, Power: Corruption Risks in Europe

Europe : liaisons entreprises/gouvernements dangereuse

Corruption a pan-European problem: new report

Across Europe, corruption is undermining confidence in national institutions and contributing to a sustained economic crisis, reveals a new report from Transparency International.

Can Swedish society resist corruption?

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