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Conditional cash transfers in Latin America: promoting equality through transparency and accountabil

José Ugaz nunca ha vinculado a candidata Keiko Fujimori con los cárteles de la droga

Transparency International Chair José Ugaz has never linked Peru’s Keiko Fujimori to drug cartels

José Ugaz de Transparency International presenta el concurso Desenmascarar a los Corruptos

¿Qué tienen en común la FIFA, Petrobras y Zine el Abidine Ben Alí? Son casos simbólicos de corrupción a gran escala postulados por el público para nuestra campaña Desenmascarar a los Corruptos.

Transparency International Chair José Ugaz launches Unmask the Corrupt contest

Transparency International chair José Ugaz launches Unmask the Corrupt contest.

Conferencia de prensa: Transparency International lanza concurso para Desenmascarar a los Corruptos

Press conference: Transparency International launches global contest to Unmask the Corrupt

Transparência Internacional analisa operações de empresas ligadas à Petrobras na América Latina

Transparency International revisará operaciones de compañías vinculadas a Petrobras en Latinoamérica

Transparency International scrutinises Latin American units of companies linked to Petrobras scandal

No impunity: the power of accountability

Unrelenting pressure on those who act corruptly with impunity will become a hallmark of Transparency International’s advocacy.

Transparency International and its chapter in Peru, Proética, welcome the suspension of the Attorney

CNM suspende por seis meses a fiscal Ramos Heredia

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