Corruption Perceptions Index 2017


143 / 180

A country's rank indicates its position relative to the other countries in the index. Learn more.


28 / 100

A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). Learn more.

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5 ways Kenyans are fighting corruption

Here's how we're inspiring young and old to support the fight against corruption in Kenya.

Transparency International ready to partner with government in fighting corruption

Keep corruption out to halt climate change

Vast sums of money are being invested to thwart climate change. But is corruption undermining good intentions?

Technology against corruption

Around the world, our chapters are using innovative tech tools to help citizens challenge corruption.

Do we need women-specific anti-corruption projects?

Is enough being done to engage women in anti-corruption work? What can be done to help women fight corruption?

The “I run for integrity” peace campaign

Climate talks – active partners or silent onlookers?

Climate summits are key opportunities to shape the global response to climate change. But how much can civil society influence the talks?

Can technology help African women to fight corruption?

Our recent hackathon in Nairobi finds women at the crossroads of communication technology and anti-corruption work.

What climate change and corruption mean for land security

Corruption is making the right to land ever more precarious. Whether bribes for land licences, or nepotistic resettlements, corruption in land management must be tackled. Staff working on climate issues at two of our chapters tell us why.

What can journalists do to fight corruption in the water sector?

Corruption in the water sector hits poor and marginalised people the hardest, but often goes unreported. Networks of water journalists are beginning to change that, with help from our Kenyan chapter and the Water Integrity Network.

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