Corruption Perceptions Index 2017


81 / 180

A country's rank indicates its position relative to the other countries in the index. Learn more.


40 / 100

A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). Learn more.

Informed, empowered

In the rural district of Bihar, India, Altaf and his family are legally entitled to the land they’ve lived on for so long, but there’s a catch – they need to obtain a land entitlement certificate. And that's not so easy.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2013: Now is the time for action

The results of the 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index show that no government has room for complacency when it comes to fighting graft.

Helpdesk Answer

Good practice in mitigating corruption risks in the extractives sector

Fair play: strengthening integrity and transparency in cricket

With cricket in the news as Tendulkar retires and The Ashes arrive, we share recommendations to reform the sport's governance.

Emerging market multinational companies – ready for prime time?

Our new study assesses the corporate reporting practices of 100 large multinationals from emerging markets.

Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing Emerging Market Multinationals

Thousands speak out

When we held a mobile advice centre in India, we expected a few hundred people. By the end of the day, the total was in the thousands. Among them was 65 year old Ruti.

Building anti-corruption into the Millennium Development Goals

The MDGs aimed for major progress against inequality by 2015, but anti-corruption safeguards are needed to ensure success.

International Women’s Day: profiles of women fighting corruption

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we're highlighting women corruption fighters around the world.

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Buenas prácticas para la mitigación de riesgos de corrupción en el sector de las industrias extract

Reminder to Italy: Bribery is against the law

Ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi recently said bribes are not a crime. He's wrong: bribery is a crime not only in Italy, but for Italian firms operating abroad, too.

Transparency and accountability in development: where do we stand?

Last year in Busan, world leaders agreed that transparency and accountability are critical to improving aid effectiveness. Have aid donors stuck to their agreement?

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