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"For the first time, everyone will have a voice." Ensuring participation for all.
Dancing in the street: Celebrating Anti-Corruption Day.
Support where it's needed: Making social programmes more transparent.
"He paid neighbouring communities to vote, hiring buses to bring them to the booths."
Our global campaign has begun. Watch the video here. It's time to wake up!
Broken infrastructure. Infringed rights: Communities speak up.
Tomorrow's leaders today: Young people driving change.
3,000 business people. 30 countries: What do they think about corruption?
"He immediately denied stealing the reforestation grants, claiming he was working on disbursing them."
"There must be no loopholes for illicit deals, and no safe havens for the corrupt."
What's public sector corruption? How can we measure it? What can be done?
"A teacher had been illegally transferred, leaving her school shut for three weeks." Giving power back to parents.
"Armed men storm a polling station… they force the officials to change the voting records."
Rallying for change: Citizens vs. corruption.
"Márton's driving instructor told him that if he wanted to pass his test, he would need to bribe the examiner."
Money + power = corruption? Find out the results of the largest ever survey of Europe's corruption risks.
20 years of fighting corruption. Transparency International Chair Huguette Labelle.
The new Arab Media: Bloggers, journalists and activists connect.
"Some politicians give the impression that they can act with impunity. We aim to show them that they can't."
Public sector corruption. How clean is your country?
4 films. 9 million viewers: Telling stories that matter.
Connecting agents of change: 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference.
6 countries. 24 hours: Hackers against corruption.
"Paying the doctor would mean finding around a third of his monthly income overnight."
What does it take to be a corruption fighter? Find out here.
"Can I see your badge officer?" Citizens on patrol.
Breaking the silence: Giving a voice to victims of corruption.
Free and fair elections: Ensuring votes count.
An audience of millions: Artists unite against corruption.
How transparent is business? We rate the world's 105 largest companies.
The good business handbook: Helping companies stay clean.
"Panic in the crowd was growing… without the report cards, the children would not be able to progress."
20 years of fighting corruption: Our global movement.
Our Board of Directors.
Big Splash! Waking up to corruption around the world.
100 students. 40 countries. Summer School on Integrity 2012.

We are a global movement sharing one vision: a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption. Read our 2012 Annual Report to find out how we're turning our vision into reality.

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