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Annual Report 2011
volunteer election monitors were recruited through social media prior to the Guatemalan elections.
Corruption doesn't stand a chance.
true story
"When the phone rang, it was clear the caller was scared. He worked in the government, he said. He had information that he needed to share."
The French police. The son of Equatorial Guinea's President. US$5 million worth of sports cars.
What happened?
Almost €200 million
The amount Italy has saved as a result of our Integrity Pacts.
Corruption believes in privileges not rights.
"I hope 2011 will be remembered not just as a year of demonstrations, but as a turning point to a more transparent and accountable society"
of Bangladeshis said they encountered corruption when dealing with the judiciary.
"We're no longer living under threat from water-borne diseases"
How we're using video to break the cycle of poverty and corruption.
€5 billion
protected from corruption thanks to our new public procurement alliance in the Ukraine.
375 million people could be affected by climate disasters annually by 2015
Why more transparency is needed urgently. Read more.
"Politician, journalist, construction worker, banker, doctor or student, everyone can play a role in improving transparency and accountability"
Corruption is afraid of the truth.
"I've met people who care passionately about corruption, and I've learned hugely from them"
How we're teaching future leaders about transparency.
true story
"Each house was assigned US$1400 to cover the costs of construction, yet the builders did not even finish the basic structure"
true story
"Refusing to hand over money for a service that should have been free, Ahmed's home was destroyed and only those who paid the illegal charges were issued new plots of land."
Only 13 out of 70
municipalities in Venezuela have adequate transparency measures.
"No money, no service!"
Why we're fighting to end corruption in healthcare.
Corruption doesn't think about tomorrow.
of household income in Mexico goes on bribes to pay for basic services.
true story
"Patrick was told that he would have to pay more if he wanted to see his application progress."
true story
"Suddenly, while the children slept, the colourful tarpaulin that acted as a ceiling crashed down and the room instantly filled with thick smoke and flames."
94% of victims stay silent
Gender-based corruption is widespread in Rwandan workplaces, but only 6% of victims report their abuse.
"In Hungary, we reached an estimated 700,000 people – almost 10 per cent of the population"
Our global campaign begins.
took part in the Growing Good curriculum that teaches Thailand's next generation the principles needed to fight corruption: honesty, responsibility and fairness.

We are a global movement sharing one vision: a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption. Discover in our 2011 Annual Report how we are turning our vision into reality.

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