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The international fight against corruption needs your expertise, your skills and experience, and your passion for social justice.

From our secretariat in Berlin and in more than 100 national chapters, Transparency International seeks professionals and volunteers with exceptional talent and commitment to join our efforts and make a contribution to a better world.

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Important documents and information

  • Recruitment policy and procedures
  • Gender and diversity policy
  • Salary structure (as of January 2014)
  • Relocation allowance policy
  • Purchase and procurement summary guidelines
  • VAT form for tenders
  • Code of Conduct: 4.3.2. Staff Recruitment / Non-preferential Treatment of Family and Friends

    "Appointments to all positions will be made on merit, regardless of gender; region; religion; disability; family status; sexual orientation, etc. We are committed to open, fair, and transparent appointment, recruitment, hiring, and procurement procedures and practice. Family members, and friends and organisations with which we or our families or friends are associated, will not be accorded preferential treatment. […] To manage potential conflicts of interest, we will disclose such connections with potential applicants or candidates of whom we are aware. We will recuse ourselves from any recruitment or contracting process where we have a conflict of interest. We will ask shortlisted candidates to declare such relations at Transparency International Secretariat or with the Board of Directors. We will not allow situations in which close family relatives or partners are in a direct reporting relationship to one another."