Daily Corruption News: 4 January 2013

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Posted 4 January 2013

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Vatican City: Vatican goes ‘cash only’ because of lack of money laundering controls
International Herald Tribune (blogs)

Since Wednesday, museums and businesses in the Holy See have been declining credit card and debit card purchases following a decision by the Bank of Italy that is reportedly linked to concerns over inadequate money-laundering controls.

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Germany: Demands to punish corrupt doctors
Deutsche Welle (TI mention)

Sweden: Swedish companies worry more about corruption than Nordic peers
Bloomberg Businessweek

USA: NY man sentenced to 1 year in NJ corruption sting
Associated Press

Blogs and opinion

USA: Kaplan's top ten corporate criminal fines

News from Transparency International

Web feature: Can technology help African women to fight corruption?

On the blog: Walking for a corruption free Malaysia

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