Daily Corruption News: 14 June 2012

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Posted 14 June 2012

Today's top story

Egypt: Finding Mubarak's millions
BBC (TI Mention)

Egyptian officials given the task of recovering billions of dollars believed to have been stolen from the public purse during the Mubarak era are calling on other countries to deliver the help they promised.

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Cuba: Cuba replaces 2 Cabinet ministers
Associated Press

Global: Corruption drops slightly in Latin America -survey

UK: UK fraud buster plans big revamp after errors

United Arab Emirates: UAE Central Bank sees rise in suspicious transactions

US: John Edwards will not be retried, Justice Department announces
The Washington Post

Multimedia of the week

Global: Just how corrupt is Europe?
Al Jazeera English

Blogs and opinion

Global: Second oil venture probes corruption allegations in Kazakhstan
Wall Street Journal Blog

US: Corruption, bribery and the "quid pro quo" conundrum
The Huffington Post

News from Transparency International

Web feature: Corruption a pan-European problem - new report
Call for nominations: Corruption fighters wanted

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