Daily Corruption News: 27 November 2015

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Posted 27 November 2015

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Kenya: Pope warns Kenyan youths against 'sugar of corruption'

Pope Francis urged young Kenyans on Friday not to succumb to the sweet lure of corruption, and urged them to help those tempted by "fanatical" ideologies.

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China: Chinese activist Yang Maodong jailed for six years

China: King Coal’s misrule

Dominican Republic: Participación condena represión del Gobierno contra manifestantes anti corrupción (Participación condemns government repression of anti-corruption protesters)
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El Salvador: El Salvador breaks up corruption ring of judges, lawyers
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Ukraine: Corruption allegations magnify discord in president's camp
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Vietnam: Vietnamese law to allow corrupt officials will escape death penalty if they pay back bribes
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Blogs and opinion

Canada: Corruption in the green energy sector costs Ontarians
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Fiji: Ridding corruption
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News from Transparency International

On the web: How transparent are telecommunications companies?
Press release: Fighting corruption to be at the forefront of the Commonwealth

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