Daily Corruption News: 29 April 2016

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Posted 29 April 2016

Today's top story

India: India 'corruption' building to be razed

The top court in the Indian city of Mumbai has ordered the demolition of an apartment building that has been at the centre of a corruption scandal.

More news

Brazil: Brazilian president's campaign strategist arrested

Kosovo: MP facing corruption charges surrenders to Kosovo police
Balkan Insight

Luxembourg: Deltour in the dock
The Economist (TI mention)

Mexico: Mexico's anti-corruption bill stalls amid silence from President

Nigeria: Nigerian Bank CEO arrested by anti-corruption agency over alleged Goodluck Jonathan election scam
International Business Times

South Africa: South Africa corruption case blow for Jacob Zuma

Switzerland: Police arrest four for corruption at migration office

Ukraine: New infrastructure minister: ‘There will be no corruption here’
Kyiv Post

Blogs and opinion

Global: The challenge of public sector corruption
World Policy

USA: There’s no such thing as a free Rolex
New York Times

News from Transparency International

On the blog: Let’s celebrate whistleblowers
Press release: Report Launch: Transparency International to publish Middle East and North Africa corruption poll

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