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República Dominicana marcha para acabar con la impunidad

Desde que salió a la luz el escándalo de corrupción en torno al constructor Odebrecht, miles de dominicanos salieron a la calle para denunciar la impunidad y luchar contra la corrupción.

Dominican Republic: Citizens march to end impunity

Following the ongoing Odebrecht corruption scandal, thousands of citizens marched against impunity and corruption in the Dominican Republic.

Prosecutors from 15 countries must act quickly to bring the corrupt to justice in Lava Jato scandal

New leads in Odebrecht case must be followed up in 11 countries after settlement

Transferencias condicionadas en América Latina: promviendo igualdad a través de transparencia y rend

Conditional cash transfers in Latin America: promoting equality through transparency and accountabil

Transparency International to pursue social sanctions on 9 grand corruption cases

Transparência Internacional analisa operações de empresas ligadas à Petrobras na América Latina

Transparency International revisará operaciones de compañías vinculadas a Petrobras en Latinoamérica

Transparency International scrutinises Latin American units of companies linked to Petrobras scandal

La justicia en la República Dominicana necesita mostrar independencia ante la interferencia política

The justice system in the Dominican Republic needs to show independence from political interference

En el IPC República Dominicana continúa apareciendo entre los países con altos niveles de corrupción

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Hundreds of anti-corruption protesters arrested in Russia after mass demonstrations

Hundreds of people have been arrested in a crackdown in Russia after thousands gathered for massive anti-corruption protests Sunday in the nation's capital, and other demonstrations were held in dozens of cities across the country.

A Life Sentence in Cambodia, but Kem Ley’s Murder Is Far From Solved

The man on trial had admitted shooting Mr. Kem Ley, a government critic. But glaring holes in the case, which recalled past assassinations, raise troubling questions.

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